You are already making a mortgage payment why not have it be on your home!


What are you currently paying in rent... is it $600, $800, $1000, $1200?  Did you know with the historically low interest rates you may be able to purchase a home and pay less than what you are paying in rent?  Owning a home is not for everyone and for some people it may be financially better to rent.  However, for the majority, homeownership comes with its own perks. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, homeownership may be for you.  Contact us today to find out. By the way, it is Free!

Do you like to save money on your taxes?

Would you like to have people over and not have to worry about the neighbors above or below you?

Are the people in your building keeping you up when you need to sleep?

Do you like paying ridiculous fees for nothing, such as a monthly parking fee to park your car in an open parking lot?

Would you like the choice to own a pet?

Are you a pet owner that would like to save the extra monthly fee you pay for your pets?  


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 Look at what type of financing is available to you. 


Types of Mortgages

Minimum Down Payment*

FHA Mortgage and FHA 203k Mortgage

3.5% or $3500 on a $100,000 Purchase

Conventional Mortgage

3% or $3000 on a $100,000 Purchase

VA Mortgage (only for qualifying Veterans)


Zero Down

Rural Development Mortgage

Zero Down

HomePath Mortgage (only on Fannie Mae Properties)

5% or $5000 on a $100,000 Purchase

HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage (Allows you to do repairs on the home)

5% or $5000 on a $100,000 Purchase

Grand Rapids Down Payment Assitance**

1% or $1000 on a $100,000 Purchase

Plus Up to $5000 towards your down payment

 * Restrictions may apply to all or some of these mortgages and down payments.  Please contact a Mortgage Representative to see if you qualify. 

** City of Grand Rapids Grant of $5000 does have restrictions.  Please contact a Mortgage Representative to see if you qualify for the grant. 

Looking for a Mortgage Representative that handles all of these Mortgages and More Contact:

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